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9.0 Breath taking!

Undergound Rome Tour

from €39.00 / Per person

Tour Description

Ostia was the main and oldest sea harbour of Ancient Rome. Only few miles away from the Eternal City Ostia was thriving with an intense trade with other Mediterranean ports.

After the end of the Roman Empire the houses, the dock were covered with sand and preserved until today. Like Pompeii, Ostia is one of the best maintained Ancient cities in the world.

Our expert guide will take you to the original restaurants to learn what and how the Romans were dining. You will enter the Ancient thermal baths and discover the hot pools, the saunas and the gyms where the local people used to spend their free time.

We will also explore the II century theatre, the mills, the laundries, the warehouses and all the main economic and leisure activities of this rich town.

You will feel like going back in time and being one of the many visitors or traders that came to Ostia 2000 years ago. Our Ancient Ostia tour ia a great and memorable experience especially for kids!

  • 4 hours
  • Age 14+ (for kids we have special kid-friendly tours)
  • Rome City Center
  • Where:Ostia Antica
  • Departure:In front of the Excavations Entrance
  • Departure Time:It can be customized
  • Languages of the tour:It can be in English, Spanish, French, Italian or German
  • Included:
    • Entrance Fees
    • Official Tour Guide
    • Headsets if needed
    • Tranport from accommodation
      if pre-arranged upon booking
  • Excluded:
    • Gratuities